Terms and conditions

1- The Provisions of this agreement, including the terms and conditions contained herein, represent the entire understanding and agreement between A Plus Moving & Storage and the customer with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all other negotiations, understandings and representations (if any) made by and between such parties, including any representations made by any estimator. In the event of any conflict between the terms of any order for service and the bill of lading, the terms of the bill of lading shall control. This agreement may not be amended, supplemented or waived orally, but only in writing, signed by both A Plus Moving & Storage and the customer and making reference to this agreement.

2- As a properly licensed interstate motor carrier, There are absolutely no guaranteed delivery dates. A Plus Moving & Storage will move your household items as promptly as possible and in accordance with the information provided regarding your items moving from origin to destination. We will do our best to meet all requests but due to situations beyond our control such as but limited to inclement weather, mechanical difficulty or limited lanes or travel, etc.. We cannot guarantee delivery dates on specific dates or times. Your ETA for your delivery window starts from the soonest date you are available to take delivery. Reasonable dispatch time on all moves is 30 days. If the order of service includes a paid rush delivery window and the promise is not met. Either the additional cost of the promise and or compensation of $25 per day will be subtracted from the final payment.

3- The customer has elected a Binding Price, the total cost will not exceed the estimated amount; Provided, however, that the customer provides A Plus Moving & Storage with an accurate list and description of the items to be moved and the services to be performed. The price is for the estimated amount of space, not the number of items. Actual space will be provided once loaded. The customer has requested to have an estimate provided for his/her household goods relocation, In accordance with 49 CFR 371.113(C)(1), the customer agrees to waive a physical survey of the household goods, and alternatively agrees to receive a binding estimate based upon the customer provided item list of property to be transported. If any additional space, pieces, packing services, or labor services are added at the origin or destination to those quoted, the customer shall be charged for these services at the governing tariff rates.

4-The price includes all fuel surcharges, tolls, loading and unloading, basic disassembly and reassembly of all standard furniture items (reassembly of only items disassembled by our crew on pick up) up to first 75 feet of carrying at origin and destination, the first flight of (7) stairs (exterior only). Elaborate furniture items that need to be disassembled and/or reassembled may require 3rd party services /tools and/or labor need to be disclosed to the estimator to be factored and included in the estimate. 3rd party cost and schedule will be the customer’s responsibility. Disconnecting and/or reconnecting of appliances is not included in the price. Reassembly is subject to the availability of tools and/or all parties being available The packing and unpacking of boxes are only included in your price if taking a full-service pack or itemized in the packing and unpacking section of your estimate, all materials and labor for undisclosed items or services will be extra. The customer understands that A Plus Moving & Storage has a 200cf/1400lbs minimum on all shipments. Any shipment below 200cf/1400lbs will be charged for at least that amount.

5-Storage must be elected before the items are picked up. As a service to our customer, we will provide the first 30 days of storage free. After 30 days the customer can pay monthly for additional storage at the starting rate of .40 per cubic foot with a minimum charge of $120.00. The fee will need to be paid at the 1st of each month or be subject to late fees. Additionally, once the items have left the pickup and are en route any storage will be charged with a re-delivery fee.

6-As the customer, I agree to pay the total charges for the moving services to be provided by A Plus Moving & Storage. Upon booking, deposit fee is required to be paid check (E-Check Payments are to be made payable to MoveX Marketing Inc.), or non-refundable bank wire, Zelle, Venmo, or check. I understand and agree that my deposit represents only the reservation portion of my order for service. All deposits will show on your billing cycle under Moving Services or MoxeX Marketing. Upon pickup, the carrier may collect up to 50% of the remaining balance. The carrier reserves the right to collect up to 50% of the remaining balance due prior to the good leaving the origin state. Acceptable payment methods at the time of pickup are cash, certified check, cashiers check,  postal money order, bank wire, Zelle, Venmo, or direct deposit into the company account (Credit/debit card transaction at the time of pickup are at the discretion of the Foreman. If a card is accepted at pickup, you may use Visa or MasterCard only and a 4% surcharge will be applied.) The full remaining balance must be paid in full upon delivery by cash, postal money order, Zelle, or Venmo ONLY. Subject to federal law, payment made in full for all charges is required prior to the start of unloading at destination

7- The customer agrees that any refusal or denial of service, either verbally, in person or over the phone will be treated as a cancellation made outside of the cancellation window. No refund will be issued if I refuse or deny service on the day of the pickup. All refunds must be submitted in writing to support@aplusmovingandstorage.cowithin 72 hours of the processing of the deposit, regardless of who you call, the request must be made via email. Refunds are issued twice a month, after sending your cancellation email the refund date will be provided with a confirmation response. A cancellation made within 72 hours of placing the deposit will be issued a full refund. Cancellation after 72 hours of the processing of the deposit or on moving day will be charged the full deposit.  IF A MOVE IS BOOKED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE PICKUP WINDOW YOU REQUEST AND YOU OPT TO CANCEL YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR ANY REFUND. 

8-A Plus Moving & Storage requires that the customer must first attempt to resolve all disputes in writing, directly with A Plus Moving & Storage, prior to initializing a dispute/reversal with their card provider. The customer must provide a written description evidencing any and all breaches of the agreement via email to support@aplusmovingandstorage.co.The customer agrees that failure to provide written documentation claiming that the terms and conditions were not adhered to by A Plus Moving & Storage forfeits the right to dispute this claim with their card provider. By signing this agreement I acknowledge that I will not for any reason do a chargeback to any credit card payment. Any chargeback on my deposit will be considered services rendered and the customer is, therefore, forfeiting their deposit and A Plus Moving & Storage will not be liable to facilitate any household goods shipping.

9-In signing this agreement the customer agrees that A Plus Moving & Storage has provided a dated copy of the order for service and the charges at the time I signed the agreement. A Plus Moving & Storage has provided me with notification of the methods of payment required to pay A Plus Moving & Storage for balances due. All of the cost and charges are clearly indicated on this agreement and the cost represented are only for the services and inventory specifically indicated on this order for service. The customer acknowledges that they will not for any reason do a chargeback to any credit card payment. Any chargeback on my deposit will be considered services rendered and the customer is, therefore, forfeiting their deposit and A Plus Moving & Storage will not be liable to facilitate any household goods shipping.

OBLIGATION OF DUE DILIGENCE: During both the quoting and scheduling process A Plus Moving & Storage staff will ask questions necessary to ensure compliance with our policies. Your responses to our questions are used in determining what information we provide you with, from rates and recommendations to policy review and advice. Each member of the staff is trained to identify potential problems during interactions with the customer; this includes identifying and reviewing policies that may be relevant to your reservation(s). While every attempt is made to review relevant policies, it is impossible for A Plus Moving & Storage staff to review and discuss every policy with every customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to complete their due diligence during the quoting and reservation process, both by asking necessary questions as well as reading and reviewing information available on our website and in the customer agreement. Due diligence must be completed prior to making a deposit with A Plus Moving & Storage, as a deposit is an acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, policies, procedures, and rates. A Plus Moving & Storage staff will answer any questions and discuss any policy at the request of the customer.